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Terms of Usage

Terms of Usage

[x] Credit
Credit is a must. It should be a proper credit. On boards or websites i'm active i'm okay with just crediting Freaky, freakyx or Mandy but on any other boards or websites there should be at least freakyx @ LJ or a link to my LJ.

[x] No reposting on other websites
You can use my icons, signatures and headers on boards, Lj or similar sites.
You can use my wallpapers for you personal computer.
You can use any of my graphics for personal uses.
You are not allowed to repost my graphics to other websites, like fanpop or (pass word = miami) other communities like this.
You are not allowed to upload my graphics to other galleries.

If you want to use some of my graphics for a special reason, you can ask me. I usually don't have a problem with something like this when i'm informed.

[x] Comments
I love reading what you think about my graphics. I appreciate every comment i get.
I don't have a problem with criticism if it's reasonable. Insults will be deleted and membership will be deleted as well.
You should leave a line if you plan on taking something. I really like to know if you use anything.
If you are just in my community to watch and you will never leave a comment, there will be member cut once in a while and members who never say something could be the first to cut.
For me it's important that every now and then you leave a comment.

[x] Hotlinking

Please upload anything again if you want to use a graphic, because if you use my links to my graphics my Bandwidth grows. Upload sites like photobucket or imageshack don't cost a thing. Please use them.
If you don't know why hotlinking is such a problem, please read this.

[x] Requests
Requests are always welcome. I don't know how fast i'll be doing a request. If i have time and i'm in a graphic mood it won't take too long. Please use this post.

[x] Membership
Membership is closed. Members of my community can see all of my graphics.
For membership you need to leave a comment at this post with a password. And if you read everything in my Terms of Usage you'll know the password. After you left the comment i will add you to my memberlist and you can accept it here:

[x] further Rules
When i post a different rule under a new graphic batch, this rule will count.

Comments to this post are screened if you want to tell me something about this.

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