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Freaky's Little Graphics World
28th-Apr-2011 06:46 pm - Important Change for this community!
So i decided to change an important part of this comminuity.
Posts from the last 12 months are now open for everyone to see. I just hope that everyone will respect my wishes and not post my graphics on sites like fanpop or tumblr. Not even with credit, i don't want to see my stuff on this these sites from anyone but me.

You probably noticed i'm not much around anymore. There are different reasons for this. I'm still making some graphics and i will post them once in a while here. If you would like to see my newer stuff, i'm on tumblr a lot, so feel free to follow me: Freaky ~X~

Love, Freaky

5th-Dec-2010 02:38 pm - Graphic Preview
Graphics PreviewCollapse )

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